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Virtual Sports Betting

It’s fair to say that technology has taken a real stronghold of betting. The majority of us now place our bets online and we can do so without even any live sport being played. 

Virtual sports betting has increased dramatically over the last few years and is becoming a hugely popular concept for punters.  

That’s only going to increase and you can find all you need to know about virtual sports betting right here.

What Is Virtual Sports Betting& What Should You Know About It?

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Virtual sports betting is a relatively new concept that has become an important part of a bookmaker’s sports betting offering.

Essentially you can bet on all manner of sports but rather than be a live fixture, you bet on virtual games with the outcomes generated via computer processes and algorithms.

You place bets in the same way you would any other sport, with virtual player profiles and histories created to help you place your bets.

The graphics are getting better and better as technology and interest improves in the market, with games available to watch now based on real life stadiums and tracks. You’ll find a number of different sports available to bet on, including betting on virtual football and virtual cricket betting, as well as the likes of horse racing, NFL and more.

Differences Between Virtual Sports & Real Sports Events

There are a number of advantages and disadvantages to virtual sports betting in comparison to real sports, but in general they harmonise really well together.  

The main difference of course is that one is virtual, with a winner predetermined by a computer algorithm and in the real world of sport, anything can happen. However, in the case of the former, the odds are reflected, still giving a realistic approach to virtual betting. 

The Benefits of Virtual Sports Betting: 

Some of the main benefits to virtual betting games include: 

  • You can play whenever, with many bookmakers offering the beginnings of games every 90 seconds. 
  • Games are shorter, in some case as little as 3 minutes. 
  • You can practice various strategies before playing real sports. 

The Disadvantages of Virtual Sports Betting:

There are also a number of disadvantages, including: 

  • With shorter games you may be tempted to spend more money. 
  • There are less factors and variables to consider in virtual betting. 
  • You have little need to study form, players etc. like you would with real betting. 
  • The thrills are less as while betting means something, there’s no real human element to it. 

Where Can You Bet On Virtual Sports?

You’ll find virtual sports available to bet on with most online bookmakers these days, including the likes of Unibet, Paddy Power and Betway.

The number of markets available to bet on are ever expanding with virtual horse betting games among the most popular and widely available across all major bookies.

You can find all our favourite bookmakers, including big names such as 888sport and BetVictor on our bookmakers page, the vast majority of which will offer virtual sports betting.


Virtual Sports Betting Strategy & Tips 

Just like regular sports betting there are a number of virtual sports betting tips you should acknowledge and use when playing. Some of the more common strategies include:  

  • Don’t go chasing losses. Manage your bankroll as you would any other type of betting. 
  • Understand virtual betting will throw up some unusual results too. 
  • Use the guides provided by the virtual sport to guide you. 
  • Adopt strategies such as the Martingale System 
  • Bet small amounts. Virtual sports are more difficult to predict than real-life sports 

What Are The Most Popular Virtual Sports Games? 

There are many types of virtual sports games around these days. In fact, you’ll find almost every popular sport available. Virtual football betting and virtual horse racing betting are perhaps the two most popular with punters, just as they are in real-life betting. 

However, you’ll find a huge number more, including: 

  • Football 
  • Horse racing 
  • Greyhound racing 
  • Tennis 
  • Motor racing 
  • Basketball 
  • NFL 

And many, many more. 


How do you place a bet on a virtual sport game?

Placing a bet on virtual sports is exactly the same as betting on real-life sport. All you need to do is head to the virtual sports betting section of a bookmaker’s site and you’ll be supplied with odds just as you would usually. You’ll then be able to watch the event unfold on the site.

Is virtual football betting fixed?

Virtual football betting does have a house edge and operates more like a casino game than it does real-life sports betting. It operates using a random generator, although does take into account odds just as real-life betting does. That doesn’t mean however that a 4/1 shot will come in once in five games. There is still a completely random element to it.

What is Virtual Football League?

Virtual Football League is an entirely virtual football league that operated in around two hours. That involves 16 teams and 30 matchdays, all available to bet on alongside outright bets and more. It’s one of the more popular virtual football betting games to play and the company who runs it also now offers a range of other sports in which you can play, including the likes of tennis tournaments, greyhounds and more.