UFC Betting Odds

UFC is perhaps the biggest combat sport on the planet today, pulling slightly away from boxing in what has been a hard fought contest over the last few years. 

The likes of Conor McGregor, Ronda Rousey and Jose Aldo have become household names, putting UFC on the map and creating an incredibly exciting betting market. 

Here at Oddsmanager.co.uk we’re big fans of MMA and on this page we’ll bring you all the latest and most reliable odds.  


UFC Betting Scene 

UFC betting is huge today with events every few months welcoming thousands upon thousands of wagers. The likes of Nate Diaz, Jon Jones and Khabib Nurmagomedov are among the most bet on fighters but we’re always on hand to bring you odds for the whole card of an event. 

Below you’ll find UFC odds on the upcoming events from across the world.

Why UFC Doesn’t Have Tournaments 

UFC- daniel

The UFC operates in events and with belts rather than tournaments like you’d find in tennis or the World Cup. 

 Every few months you’ll find various events, usually numbered such as UFC 239 or Fight Night 155. In each event there will be a main event with a full undercard, in the same format as boxing.  

Fighters are ranked and the main competition is to compete for world titles and belts. This starts at flyweight for men and strawweight in the women’s division, right up to heavyweight in the men’s division and featherweight in the women’s. 

Across the UFC there are 12 divisions in total, and therefore 12 different champions. Usually in each major UFC event there will be a number of title fights, with mandatory challengers fighting against the champion for the title. 

Matches are put together based upon ranking rather than by promoters, like in boxing, and therefore you’re more likely to see more competitive fights. 

UFC Live Streams 

UFC is shown on BT Sport in the UK and can be watched live via their TV channels or streamed through the BT Sport app. In some cases this may be PPV, with major events and fights requiring you to pay to unlock the content. 

Additionally, you can get a UFC live stream events live through the UFC’s official channels including UFC.TV, UFC.com and the UFC App. 

ESPN are also official broadcasters of the UFC, with the channel regularly broadcasting exclusive events. 

UFC Betting Tips 

There are many UFC betting tips you can use to select a winner. Of course, how UFC betting odds work is they will generally go with a favourite, but you can analyse the data to delve deeper and select better value odds.  

There are a number of things to look out for when doing so, and it’s worth taking into account the following: 

  • Form: The form of a fighter can have a huge say in how a fight will go. Fighters low on confidence are likely to be more withdrawn, defensive and less adventurous. Additionally, they will be more prone to
    Anthony Pettis

    UFC Fight Night: Thompson v Pettis, Mar.2019

    mistakes, which can have serious consequences in the outcome of a fight. 

  • Rankings: Generally speaking, the higher ranked a fighter is, the more likely they are to win. However, track the trajectory of a fighters ranking too. If one is slipping down and another climbing, it can give you a good idea of a fighters progress regardless of how high or low they are within them. 
  • Styles: Fighting style is one of the biggest factors in the outcome of fights. Analyse how the two fighters square up, monitoring their strengths and weaknesses.  
  • Head-to-Head: In some cases, the fighters may have contested before. Re-watch that match for clues as to what may be the outcome of the current one. 

Once you’ve analysed this information you’ll be in a much better position to not only predict the winner of the fight but also odds such as method of victory and in which round the fight will be won. 


Odds in the UFC represent the likelihood of an outcome occurring within a bout. So if you were betting on the To Win market, the odds would be representative of the chance the bookmaker believes each fighter has.
Most major online bookmakers will offer betting on the UFC, with a wide range of markets on the biggest events and fights. They’ll offer markets well in advance, usually as soon as matchups and events are created. Simply head to the UFC/MMA section of a bookmakers website to find the latest odds.
You read the odds of a fight in exactly the same way as you would any other market. For example, let’s say a fighter has odds of 4/1. In this instance, the bookmaker believes that if the fight was to happen five times, the chance of that fighter winning would be one in five. The likelihood of them losing would be four in five times, according to the bookmaker. In this instance, the bookmaker believes that if the fight was to happen five times, the chance of that fighter winning would be one in five. The likelihood of them losing would be four in five times, according to the bookmaker.
Moneyline betting is simply the American terminology for a bet that is placed on the winner of a fight.

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