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Betting on tennis tends to centre around four main events – the Grand Slams. They’re four of the most bet on events in sport and each year millions place their bets on each. 

 However, you can bet on tennis all year around and there are some great tournaments to put a wager on across both men’s and women’s tennis, ranging from the ATP World Tour to the Fed Cup.  

We’re huge tennis aficionados here at Odds Manager and will always bring you the latest odds, tips and tennis accumulators. 

Below you’ll find all you need to know about betting on tennis, as well as some of the more commonly asked questions surrounding it. 

Tennis Betting Strategies 

Betting on tennis is relatively straight forward, but there’s plenty to think about before you back a winner. In Grand Slams in particular, the pressure is ramped up so it’s worth analysing the following before backing any player: 

Current Form 

US Open Tennis Tournament 2018

Like any sport, a player in good form is going to have a higher chance of winning. A player on a good run can cause upsets and beat almost anyone if they’re full of confidence. You may even be able to get some good odds on an upset if an underdog is in a fine spell of form.  

On the reverse side, a player struggling for form is more likely to suffer an upset or defeat.  

Style Comparison 

Playing styles can differ greatly in tennis so it’s worth studying how the players match up and whether certain styles are going to be exposed by the other player. For example, a player may have a poor backhand game, which could then be exploited by someone who enjoys forcing the backhand. 

Performances In Latter Stages Of Competitions 

As mentioned above, nerves and temperament in major tournaments can play a huge part in winning. For those new to the latter stages of tournaments, they aren’t going to be as comfortable managing that as the likes of Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal. 

Equally, there are some older players who just struggle when it comes to the crunch. Study recent finishing positions and where they have finished in the same tournament in years gone by and uncover whether there are any correlations that might suggest they can’t handle the pressure on the big stage. 

Recent Injuries 

 us open - osaka

2018 US Open Tennis Tournament- Day Thirteen.

Tennis is an intense sport. We’ve all seen the likes of Andy Murray and Roger Federer struggle to come back from injuries down the years, and often stars will rush themselves back for the major tournament. 

Analyse recent injuries of players and try to figure out if they’re fully fit. While it may not be a problem getting through the early stages, once the intensity is picked up and the competition gets harder, players with niggles are going to struggle to stay in the game.  

Tennis Odds Accumulator 

With tennis being played almost every day, we do our best to bring you good value accumulators, with the very best odds. 

Below you’ll find our latest must-back accumulator, alongside the odds and payout you’ll receive. We highlight the best value bookmakers to play with, while you can also calculate your winnings by entering your stake in the top right hand corner.  

To bet, all you then need to do is tap ‘Bet Now’. It really is that simple! 


Betting on tennis can be done incredibly easily. Most bookmakers have an expansive tennis market, with a huge range of odds during Grand Slams particularly. To bet on tennis all you need to do is log-in or sign-up to your betting account and visit the tennis section of your betting site. There you’ll find outright markets on all major tournaments, as well as in-play odds, the To Win market and a range of set-based and game-based odds. To place your bets, select the market you wish to play and add the outcome you’re predicting to your bet slip. Place your bets and if your selection comes through, you’ll win the bet!
Spread betting essentially works as a handicap, with the favoured player in a match given a points tally in which they must overcome. For example, you might find Djokovic -3.5 alongside his odds. This means that he must win the game by four points or more in order to win the bet. This is because he’s effectively been given a 3.5 point handicap. Alternatively, a player might be given a positive handicap, e.g. +3.5. In this case, the player mustn’t lose by more than three points for the bet to win.
The Over/Under market in tennis usually applies to games. When playing this bet you’re backing there to be over or under a certain number of games in a match. For example, you might back the game to have under 21.5 games in a match. In order to win the bet, the game must last for 21 games or fewer.
Handicap betting is the same type of bet as spread betting and essentially gives one player either a head start or a handicap which they must overcome to win. This is usually bet on by punters in order to increase their odds on the favourites. For example, Victoria Azarenka might be a heavy favourite in a game at 4/11, but with a handicap of -3.5 those odds are boosted to 8/11. While this then makes the bet harder to win, if you’re confident she will win heavily, it will be worthwhile with a better payout.

Tennis Tips 

If you’re looking for all the latest tennis betting tips, you’ll find them directly below. Our experts study all major tournaments and know the game inside out to ensure you receive well-informed tips at great value.

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