Formula 1 Odds: The Odds Manager Guide to the 2020 Season

If you like action so intense you can almost smell the petrol and the burning rubber through your TV, then Formula One will be right up your street.

And at Odds Manager we’ll always bring you the very best F1 news, views and of course those all-important formula 1 betting odds.

What to Watch in 2020

With six races still to go in 2020, F1 teams are going to be busier than Lewis Hamilton’s tattoo artist.

And like finding a cheeky beer you’d forgotten about in the back of the fridge, there’s a few pleasant surprises, as Italy’s Imola and Turkey’s Istanbul tracks make a welcome return to the schedules.

All of which adds up to a fantastic end to 2020 for F1 fans.

Formula One Odds – What to Bet on

Formula One is unique in that your betting fate is not only in the hands of the driver.

One flat tyre, one busted gearbox, one dodgy transmission and your money’s gone quicker than Sebastian Vettel down the home straight.

But if you can use that uncertainty to your advantage you can bag yourself some big-priced winners as a reward.

Winner & Each-Way Betting

The simplest way to bet on Formula One is to pick the winner, but Lewis Hamilton’s domination of Formula One is lovely for him but not so good for punters!

Fear not though because a deeper dive into the stats shows that there is far more variety in who is coming in second in F1 races.

So an each-way dabble, where you get a return if your driver finishes in the top two, could be a profitable play.

Straight Forecast

Another way to increase your odds is to predict the top two.

So if you think Mercedes’ stranglehold over Formula One will continue in a particular race, you can back Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas to finish first and second, to boost your odds.

Pole Position Betting

We’re always looking for extra betting opportunities at Odds Manager.

And Formula One qualifying is an easy way to top up your winnings by predicting who will end up in the coveted pole position.

Long-term Betting

If you’re happy for the whole season to play out before you get paid out, you can bet on the Drivers Champion as well as the winning team.

Formula 1 Betting - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best bookies for Formula One betting?

At Odds Manager, we’ve had a good look around and we reckon Bet365, Ladbrokes and William Hill are the front runners.

Can you bet live on Formula One?

Many bookies do offer in-play betting on the winner of an F1 race.

What should I be looking out for in the future?

Formula One looks like being a young man’s game for many years to come, as Max Verstappen, Lando Norris and Charles Leclerc are already driving for three of F1’s biggest teams, in their early twenties.

And we aren’t jealous at all!