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Football is comfortable the nation’s favorite sport, so it only makes sense that it’s the UK’s favorite to bet on!

Here at Odds Manager we know all there is to know and this very page will bring you the most accurate and reliable odds and data to ensure you have the chance to back a good value winner.

We make betting on football that little bit easier for our punters. Below you’ll find a series of tools and pieces of information designed to make your next Bet a successful one…

Football Odds Calculator 

If you’re looking to back some good value odds, use our football odds calculator to understand how much you’ll win with the odds you’re being given. 

Simply choose the selection that you wish to place your bets on and adjust the stake in which you’re going to wager. The amount you’ll win will then be displayed in the ‘Win’ column. 

You can compare odds with all the biggest online bookmakers, meaning you back the best value in a selected market, while you can also toggle the type of odds dependent on your preference. 

It’s the perfect tool for both beginners and betting experts alike, saving you the calculations so you can fully focus on the task in hand – choosing a winner!

Football Odds Accumulator 

Nothing beats a Saturday afternoon accumulator and we can help you build a cracker. 

Below you’ll find our top tip for today, with our betting experts scouring world football to find the best value odds to include in the acca. 

You’ll find all our selections as well as being able to compare odds and calculate your winnings. What more could you ask for? 

How Do I Bet On Football?

Betting on football is simple and one of the most common ways in which to play with a bookmaker. Most bookmakers will have the day’s football markets on their homepage, which can be bet on there and then, while you’ll find future games, outright markets and more niche leagues available to bet on at a site’s dedicated football section. Of course, you can also just stick with us where we post the best football tips and odds daily.

How Do I Interpret Odds Ratio?

Odds essentially reflect the potential of a certain outcome and can be instrumental in deciding whether you take a bet on. You can calculate the probability of an event occurring using odds provided by a bookmaker, which can be done using the following calculation: Probability (%) = B / (A+B) In this case, A & B reflect the numbers in fractional odds. So, if the odds were 4/1 on a team to win the Premier League, the bookmaker is essentially saying that the right hand figure is the number of times an event will happen out of the total of the fraction combined. Therefore, the bookmaker is also saying that four out of five times it won’t happen. With odds of 4/1 the calculation would look as follows: 20% = 1 / 5

How Do I Place Bets At The Bookmakers?

You’ll find thousands of markets available each day and to play all you need to do is take the following steps: Log in or sign up to a bookmaker’s site Select the football betting section of the site Find the market you wish to play and add the selections to your bet slip Enter your stake into the betslip and confirm your bet If you don’t have any more within your bankroll you’ll also have to make a deposit. Each betting site will walk you through this process.

How Are Football Odds Calculated?

Calculating odds is simple and can be done with both decimal and fractional odds. In terms of decimal odds, to calculate your winnings all you need to do is multiply your stake by the decimal odds and the result is how much you will win, including stake. To calculate fractional odds, you need to multiply the right hand number by the left hand number. The answer would then be your winnings, excluding stake. Therefore, if the odds were 4/1 and you placed a £1 bet, you would receive £4 in winnings plus your £1 stake, giving a return of £5.

Do Bets Count After 90 Minutes?

Looking for the latest football betting tips? Our experts analyse all the form, head-to-head stats and more to give you the best chance of winning.

Does Over/Under Include Extra Time?

Again, the Over/Under market doesn’t include extra time and only applies to the regulation 90 minutes.

Football Tips 

Looking for the latest football betting tips? Our experts analyse all the form, head-to-head stats and more to give you the best chance of winning.  

Check out our current tips page – here

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