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Esports Odds & Betting – The Odds Manager Guide

We love what we do at Odds Manager, but if there’s anything else we would love to get paid for, it’s definitely playing computer games!

And we’re not just talking about “loser of the next match buys the pizzas” in FIFA.

We mean the world of Esports, where the chairs look expensive, the competition is fierce, the skill levels are off the charts, and the rewards are massive!

Here are all the latest odds for the top upcoming Esports fixtures.

Click on any odds to add it to your betslip or click on a fixture to see a comparison of odds from all the top bookies.

All Sports
All Sports
League of Legends
Dota 2
League of Legends Bettings Odds: Lpl12
League of Legends
11:0022 Jan
League of Legends Bettings Odds: Tcl12
League of Legends
11:0022 Jan
League of Legends
12:0022 Jan
League of Legends
13:0022 Jan
League of Legends
14:0022 Jan
League of Legends
15:0022 Jan
League of Legends Bettings Odds: Cblol12
League of Legends
16:0022 Jan
League of Legends
17:0022 Jan
League of Legends Bettings Odds: Lec12
League of Legends
16:0022 Jan
Dota 2 Bettings Odds: Dreamleague12
Dota 2
11:0022 Jan

Esports – What To Watch In 2021

The daddy of all Esports is arguably League of Legends.

And the battle has already begun to secure qualification for LoL’s two marquee tournaments in 2021.

The Mid-Season Invitational will be held in Reykjavik in May.

And later in the year it’s the World Championship, arguably the biggest Esports event there is, set to be held in China.

However while the LoL World Championship may be the biggest, it’s not the most lucrative.

That title belongs to Dota 2’s flagship tournament, the International, which last year had an eye-popping $34 million prize, thanks to the unique way the pool is crowdfunded via a battle pass system within the game.

And the popularity of Defense of the Ancients, to give it its full title, shows no sign of waning.

When it comes to first-person shooters, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the undisputed champion.

The ESL Pro Tour provides opportunities for players and teams all over the world to compete at the biggest tournaments across the CS:GO calendar.

And there are some big dates left in 2021, with none bigger than ESL One Cologne, in July.

Elsewhere in the FPS world, following a successful first season in 2020, the latest Call of Duty league is going great guns already, pardon the pun!

Stage 1 is in the books and there’s four more to go before we hit the Call of Duty League Championship later in the year, with an eye-popping million-dollar prize to the winning team.

As for Overwatch, the 2021 season will start in April, with the first of four tournament cycles in the regular season.

Then it’s the playoffs and Grand Finals in August and September, with another million-dollar prize on offer – we reckon we’re in the wrong job!

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EsportsTop Betting Tips

Remember, knowledge is power, so if you don’t know it well, try and play the game you want to bet on plenty of times, to really get a feel for it.

Every Esport you can wager on is available to play online, and most are free to play.

And you can always watch a few matches on Twitch or YouTube if you don’t want to dive in.

Esports – What To Bet On

With so many different types of games within the Esports genre, we’d have to be some sort of Mage to bring you every single betting market on offer.

However, with lots of crossover between games, we’ve broken down the main markets for you!

Outright Winner Betting

Any single game or map that pits one individual or team against another one, will have straight up odds for the winner and loser, just like any other sport.

Often you don’t have to deal with draws either, which gives you a 50% chance of getting the win!

Tournament Winner Betting

As you’ve seen, all the big Esports titles have their marquee tournaments, and you can bet on the winner beforehand, just as you would bet on the FA Cup, the Masters or the Rugby World Cup!

Totals Betting

This bet type is great if you don’t have a particular fancy, but do have a strong feeling about the potential duration of a particular match.

And generally, you’ll be betting whether a match will go over or under a certain amount of rounds or maps, set by the bookmakers.

Handicap Betting

In League of Legends, which is a best-of-three format, you can apply a handicap of +1.5 or -1.5 to your preferred team, for better odds.

So, if you’re backing the favourite, they must win the match 2-0 for your bet to be a winner.

However, if you’ve got an inkling for the underdog, even if they lose 2-1 you will win your bet, as well as if they emerge victorious.

Same applies to a game such as CS:GO, where a team has to reach 16 rounds to win a particular map, leaving you lots of handicap options.

Prop Betting

Prop betting is wagering on an element of a game that isn’t directly related to the outcome of a round or match itself.

In LoL, it could be betting on the first team to kill a dragon or destroy a tower, while in Dota 2 it could be punting on which team will slay the next Roshan, or score the next kill.

Or a pistol round winner in CS:GO.

Props are a good bet if you can’t make your mind up about the overall outcome, and they also come into their own in-play, when you can get a feel for which way the game is going.

Esports - FAQ

All the big bookies have recognised Esports' popularity, and offer a large number of games and markets to bet on. However, we have been most impressed with BetVictor, Paddy Power and STSbet.
You certainly can, and prop-heavy games such as League of Legends are tailor-made for that type of gambling.
Twitch is an online paradise for gaming fans, featuring live streams of every major Esports competition, and a whole lot more! While YouTube have their own Esports channel with a tonne of news, views and features.